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White Pomsky Puppy For Sale

Perfect Husky and Pomeranian Cross. This Pomsky Puppy  is healthy, cheerful dog.

Contact for buy this Pomsky puppy at pomskies.webs.com.

Hope you enjoy with Pomsky Puppy. The Best cute dog ever!!


  1. Replies
    1. Sooo...... what would the price be..... I'd live to get a pomsky... but not for 2000$

  2. This is a small dog mixed with a large dog, this is not a breed. There is no guarantee that this type of dog will stay small. People breeding this are in it just for money and don't care about overpopulation of animals. Pure exploretation of an animal for profit.

    1. Obviously you know nothing about breeding it takes several generations to make a breed of dog legit my uncle breeds American allaunts. However I do know that this dog is a registered breed.

  3. looked around some prices vary $2k to $5K

  4. I am a vet and breeding poms are cruel. I have worked with many of these mixed breeds and they have a lot of health complications. The breeders are only in it for money not caring for the animals nor do they have any idea about their health or welbeing. Breeders that do this have no idea what they are doing. It's evil.

  5. @Roxy Jordan but they said it was the mother who was the one giving birth is that still bad..even though I still can't believe it's possible.